Dirty Uncle

image: Dirty Uncle
Dirty Uncle | Image source: www.goodreads.com

Dirty Uncle is written by Alexa Riley, Published December 21st 2017. ,

Synopsis ebook Dirty Uncle, We get this copy from goodreads.com:

Rex spends a lot of time on king crab fishing boats. So much time that he’s never bothered to settle down . So the day he sees his step-niece for the first time, he’s not ready for what she makes him feel.

Clara is old enough to make her own decisions, and she’s decided she wants her step-uncle Rex. Everyone is telling her it’s wrong, but she can only follow her heart. She just needs to be ready for the consequences when he finally claims her.

Warning: When Jessa and Alexa team up you know it’s going to be terrible. Terribly-wonderful! This over-the-top tidal wave of love is about to sweep you under. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us!

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